Tips For Improving Facebook Ad Campaigns From Https://

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  • February 4, 2020
  • Social media advertising is a cornerstone of any digital marketing plan, and Facebook is one of the best sites for advertisers to use due to its wide reach and its ability to target highly specific audiences. The following are a few tips from for getting the best results from a Facebook ad campaign.

    Understand Facebook’s Ranking Scores

    In the past, Facebook ranked ads solely on the criteria of relevance. If Facebook deemed an ad to be highly relevant to its target audience, the ad would be more frequently displayed and cost less per click than less-relevant ads. Now, however, there are three different criteria for ranking the relevancy of an ad: quality, engagement rate, and conversion rate. Ads rank in each category according to how they compare with other ads that target the same audience.

    Target Customers And Fans First

    When selecting an audience to target, many business owners find that the best approach is to advertise to customers and fans first. By promoting products or services to people who have already demonstrated an interest, most Facebook advertisers can get a high rate of conversions. Facebook allows businesses to find customers by inputting a list of phone numbers or email addresses that they have already collected through in-store or website sign-ups.

    Use Facebook’s Analytic Tools

    Facebook offers several tools to help advertisers get better results from their ad campaigns. One of these is Audience Insights, a tool that provides specific data on people who are connected to a business’s page. The data can help advertisers target similar audiences within the total group of Facebook users. Another helpful tool is ad relevance diagnostics, which helps advertisers understand how an ad is performing, what its weaknesses are, and how it might be improved.

    Aim For High Relevancy And Low Frequency

    A high score on the three relevancy rankings indicates that an ad is doing a good job of reaching the right audience. If an interested customer sees an ad two or three times, there is a good chance he or she will click on the ad to learn more. Increasing the frequency of displays to that customer, however, does not lead to higher conversion rates.