What Fleet Owners Need To Know About DEF

In the US, new laws require fleet owners to follow more complex guidelines for managing their fleet trucks. The purpose of the new laws is to control gas emissions and maintain the vehicles more effectively. Online suppliers provide the right fluids for the trucks along with a wide selection of equipment to make it easier to use the products.

Complying With Federal Regulations

According to the latest federal regulations, all fleet owners must use diesel exhaust fluid based on the total mileage traveled. The standard volume is 2 gallons after 800 miles. The drivers are required to refill the truck as directed to keep the vehicle operational. Any violation of the regulation could lead to serious penalties for the fleet owner. Without the right exhaust fluid, gas emissions are hazardous and increase local pollution.

How Does the Fluid Work?

It works with the catalytic reduction system installed in the fleet trucks. It converts dangerous nitrous oxide emissions into a water and hydrogen mixture that isn’t harmful to the environment. By using the fluid appropriately, the vehicles pass all inspections for gas emission levels.

Containing the Fluid

The packaging for the exhaust fluid identifies the exact temperature for storage. It is essential for the fleet owner to avoid extreme temperatures that lead to freezing. While freezing won’t compromise the integrity of the fluids, it could delay access to the fluid when it is needed. The regulations explain what type of containers are used for storing the exhaust fluid and keeping it at the right temperature.

Using Storage on the Fleet Trucks

Fleet owners must install storage containers with pumps on the trucks. The tools make it easier for the drivers to add fluids when required and avoid common issues. The drivers are trained to use the equipment and maintain the vehicles on the road.

In the US, new federal regulations offer better ways to control dangerous gas emissions. Fleet trucks use diesel fuel which is known to emit higher volumes of nitrous oxide emissions. The right fluids eliminate dangerous emissions and keep the environment safer. Fleet owners who want to learn more about using DEF contact a supplier now.